About Us

ArtAreas.io is an art technology company working to connect physical art with digital information and experiences. Founded in March of 2022 by James Pongrass, Ajay Sharma, and Chris Bodenmiller, who have backgrounds in art gallery management and art collecting, computer sciences, and marketing technology all three were previously involved in running an earlier online art brokerage for more than a decade in the early 2000s.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide artists, galleries, institutions and collectors with innovative tools and platforms that encourage the appreciation of art by connecting those who view objects of art with information and experiences in the digital realm. We aim to bridge the gap between traditional art forms and emerging technologies, fostering a vibrant ecosystem where new forms of artistic expression can be discovered and increasing the depth and breadth of experience for art afficionados.

We envision a future where technology and art seamlessly intertwine to enrich people’s lives through creative experiences. We aspire to be at the forefront of this convergence, driving innovation in the digital art landscape and creating a lasting impact on the way art is perceived and consumed globally.

James Pongrass
Ajay Sharma
Chris Bodenmiller

Key Offerings

Art ID tags, physical NFTs & digital twins

We have applied for a patent for uniquely encoded NFC tags that are connected cryptographically to NFTs. We are also partnered with the non-profit Art Identification Standard (AIS) organization, which is working to create universal identifiers and datasets for different types of physical artwork.

Our Art ID tags open a web-based menu, providing the viewer of an object of art with information about the artwork through links to an associated NFT, to the profile or website of the source of the objects, to virtual exhibitions or metaverse spaces, as well as to other unique experiences like gated access events, videos, etc. These tags offer a much more robust experience than a QR code, while being easy to use and providing layers of security and authentication that QR codes can’t provide.

NFT Minting Services

ArtAreas.io provides blockchain support, including custodial wallets and the creation and management of collections of NFTs, as well as consultation on how digital technologies can be leveraged to enhance the art experience. Our goal is to include the eventual AIS standard in blockchain records associated with objects of art. We currently create NFTs that are intended to be transferred with the ownership of physical objects of art, provided provenance and helping ensure the authenticity of the art.

Virtual Galleries & Art Exhibitions

By creating virtual spaces where art can be exhibited, ArtAreas.io enables objects of art to be showcased to a global audience without physical limitations. Even isolated objects of art can be seen in a greater context, empowering discovery & exploration, and enabling collectors and art enthusiasts to connect in these virtual environments.

Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating ChatGPT into the experience of our Art ID tags enables art enthusiasts to interact and learn about art in a new way. For example, discovering information about the period, people, or place behind an object of art, or learning in greater depth about the artist or type or artwork without the limitations of information that previously would have been encountered.

Other Services

ArtAreas.io also provides media and promotion services, professional photography and videography services, web consulting, and is working on additional offerings, including virtual tours of physical spaces, 3D scanning and digital representation of objects, rented metaverse locations, and more. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any specific needs.


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