Art ID physical NFT tags for your Fine Art


Please Inquire Physical NFTs tag objects of art with an NFC chip, linking them verifiably and securely to a Digital NFT to provide provenance and certify authenticity, plus they may also include digital experiences that enhance the viewing of physical objects of art.

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Our Physical NFTs are NFC tags that are attached or affixed to a physical objects of art. The tags come in a variety of styles, depending on the type of object they will be attached to. Examples include name plates on framed artwork and tags that hang or stick to objects like artifacts,  sculpture, ceramics, art glass, etc.

Physical NFT tags can be scanned by phones or other devices that have enabled NFC capabilities. When scanned (by simply holding the phone near the tag, no need to open your camera or do anything special), the tag sends data, opening a webpage, and providing options for provenance,  authenticity verification, and for initiating digital experiences related to the object of art or collectible.