Escha van den Bogerd


“Painting is my passion my life, and is about sharing thoughts and emotions with others. My works of art have become extremely personal, they are an emotional response to my surroundings and experiences. These are reflections of joy, hope, peace and sadness.” – Escha

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Escha's artistic approach blends abstract and figurative elements, enhancing each other to create a powerful impact. Her artistry is marked by subtle compositions and a color scheme reminiscent of Italian romantic painters. Employing a wash-like technique, she infuses her work with drama, warmth, and vibrancy, all while maintaining a feminine touch and profound sensitivity. This unique style marries traditional figurative painting with contemporary influences, shaped by her extensive travels across various countries.

As an artist, Escha is known for her intense and dynamic creations. Her acrylic paintings, rich in color and meticulous in detail, exude a spiritual aura. While they reflect Middle Eastern and Italian influences, they firmly belong to the contemporary European art tradition. Her energetic compositions and poetic abstractions of faces and figures reveal a deep emotional resonance and sensitivity.

Escha's journey as an artist has been influenced by her extensive travels, living in places like Venice, Switzerland, France, and New Zealand. This diverse exposure has enriched her artistic expression.

For over two decades, Escha's paintings have found homes in private collections across the globe, including countries like Switzerland, Mauritius, Austria, Peru, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Her work has not only captivated private collectors but has also been featured by some of Europe's leading art publishers and international artist magazines.