Irene Christensen – Visual Artist


Digital twins from “The Words Open,” an acclaimed piece from Irene’s Concertina books, will be available in October of 2023. Each Digital twin will include a limited edition print of a selection from the work, and an NFT containing a corresponding video of the selection, along with an Art ID tag.

The Words Open – Irene Christensen – VR Gallery

Art Glass & Crystal - Gallery

"The Words Open," an acclaimed piece from Irene's Concertina books, some of which stretch over 5 meters in length, is a creation that delves into the juxtaposition between the persona we present to the world and the person we truly are within.

These concertina books, unique for their large scale and fragility, are not just two-dimensional works. Their special mounting brings them to life, the folding pages creating a sculptural effect that led to Irene's induction into the prestigious New York Sculptors Guild.

Today, in a pioneering move, Irene's physical masterpieces are finding a new dimension. In partnership with, limited edition prints of select sections of the artworks are being transformed into digital twins, and minted as NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens.

This digitalization not only retains the essence and authenticity of the artwork but also captures and preserves its 3D sculptural effect.

In addition to the digital twin, buyers receive an enlarged, but two-dimensional, limited edition print of the corresponding section of the work. These prints showcase the intricacy of the art, and when displayed alongside the digital twin, embody the duality that Irene explores in "The Words Open."