Spatial Aeries – NFT Minting & Virtual Gallery

Highly polished and refined, an ultra-modern virtual gallery space with two large wings that hold seventeen objects each. The gallery also provides two smaller spaces holding four to six objects off the open central space, which can be customized to feature one large or several small 3d objects. View Demo

  • Create a unique cryptocurrency wallet that will be used to sign your NFTs
    • added to our registry, a reference for future authentication of a digital artworks source
  • An OpenSea Profile for your gallery
    • Includes profile image and banner
  • Up to 5 OpenSea Collections to group the artwork
    • Includes a logo, featured image, and banner for each collection
  • Image optimization for the photos you provide of the artworks for online quality and speed
  • NFTs minted for up to 42 artworks on OpenSea, on the Ethereum blockchain
    • We provide a process with instructions on how to handle the redemption of the physical object upon cryptocurrency purchases
  • Freezing metadata to IPFS and Listing items for sale on OpenSea, for 20 artworks
  • Placing the NFTs we’ve created into the chosen virtual gallery for online display/exhibition
  • A training session to help you take control of your NFTs and your virtual gallery


# of NFTs / artworks 42
# Frozen & priced 20
Easy to maintain Yes
Physical NFT tag(s) 5