Spatial Obsidian – NFT Minting & Virtual Gallery

Vast and expansive, a darkened featured exhibition space is flanked by two open areas with skylights for a twilight show. This virtual gallery’s layout allows for numerous object groupings, with the tantalizing discovery of something new around every corner. View Demo

  • Create a unique cryptocurrency wallet that will be used to sign your NFTs
    • added to our registry, a reference for future authentication of a digital artworks source
  • An OpenSea Profile for your gallery
    • Includes profile image and banner
  • Up to 5 OpenSea Collections to group the artwork
    • Includes a logo, featured image, and banner for each collection
  • Image optimization for the photos you provide of the artworks for online quality and speed
  • NFTs minted for up to 66 artworks on OpenSea, on the Ethereum blockchain
    • We provide a process with instructions on how to handle the redemption of the physical object upon cryptocurrency purchases
  • Freezing metadata to IPFS and Listing items for sale on OpenSea, for 25 artworks
  • Placing the NFTs we’ve created into the chosen virtual gallery for online display/exhibition
  • A training session to help you take control of your NFTs and your virtual gallery


# of NFTs / artworks 66
# Frozen & priced 25
Easy to maintain Yes
Physical NFT tag(s) 5