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The Pongrass Collection of tribal artifacts includes several remarkable pieces, from both Australia and Papua New Guinea. Physical NFTs tag objects of art with an NFC chip, linking them verifiably and securely to a Digital NFT to provide provenance and certify authenticity, plus they may also include digital experiences that enhance the viewing of physical objects of art.

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Mr. James Pongrass began piecing this collection together in 1972, while living for several years in Australia. The Tribal Artifacts collection includes some remarkable objects from the Torricelli Mountains District, Trobriand Islands, Wosera District, Highlands Districts, Asmat and Dani Tribes, and other Sepik Rivers villages. Many pieces come from the most well know collections, collectors and museums around the globe i.e., Webster, Hooper, Oldman, Davidson, Umlauf, Friede and more.

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