Virtual Gallery Spaces & VR Exhibitions


Spatial - Isle

32 NFTs / artworks
voice chat & avatar

Spatial - Aeries

42 NFTs / artworks
voice chat & avatar

Spatial - Obsidian

66 NFTs / artworks
voice chat & avatar

Spatial - Verses

~70 NFTs / artworks
voice chat & avatar
limited-edition NFT

NFT & VR Mgmt.

NFT collection &
virtual gallery mgmt.
annual subscription

NFT Minting & Virtual Gallery Packages Overview provides the service of minting NFTs for the online exhibition of physical artworks. These NFTs are displayed on OpenSea, where customers can make an offer, or they can be put up for auction or priced for sale for up to a 6-month listing. We can also help you create an manage a virtual gallery space where you can display the NFTs, on platforms like,,, or in a metaverse like decentraland or voxels. These spaces can be open edition floorplans, limited edition NFT floorplans like the Verses gallery, or paid commercial and custom floorplans. We have experts in graphics design and 3d modeling who can create totally new and unique spaces.

Package Details:

    • A unique Crypto Wallet created to sign your NFTs
      • Your wallet is added to our registry, for future authentication of artworks
    • An OpenSea account created for your gallery, including:
      • Your own gallery Profile page, with logo and banner
      • Collections pages, created to group the artwork (by artist, etc.)
    • NFTs minted for the artworks on OpenSea
      • We mint Ethereum based NFTs, these are premium NFTs on the premier blockchain, while there are other lower cost alternatives, Ethereum is most likely to stand the test of time
      • Cryptocurrency fees for using OpenSea and minting the NFTs are all included
      • Freezing the metadata and listing some of the NFTs/artworks for auction or at fixed prices for up to 6 months is also included, along with the associated fees
    • then places NFTs we’ve minted for you, into your chosen virtual gallery for your online display/exhibition
      • Packages with galleries offer voice and video chat, and include a 1-year professional subscription
    • provides a training session to
      • Help you setup an account on a crypto-currency exchange
      • Configure your MetaMask wallet in a browser
      • Help you take control of your OpenSea and virtual gallery platform accounts
      • We will also provide you with assistance for your first crypto based sale
    • Optionally, with a subscription to our NFT & virtual gallery management plan, will
      • Help you setup and provide support for your own account on a crypto-currency exchange
      • Safeguard and manage your MetaMask wallet for you
      • Provide you with ad hoc services (see pricing sheet) including:
        • Creating new gallery spaces
        • Minting additional NFTs and displaying them in virtual galleries
        • Creating new collections on OpenSea
        • Freezing meta-data and handling sales
        • Transferring NFTs to buyers who purchase art with cash or credit cards
        • Listing or re-listing objects for sale or auction
        • Custom 3d object placement, developer assistance, and more

As a special promotion, we're currently providing a small number of our patent pending physical NFT tags to those who purchase our virtual gallery services. Unlike a simple QR code, these connect to and check against our registry to ensure that they are valid, this is like authenticating the signature on a work of art.

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